Meeting after the Vacation

Couples who take separate vacations are not always about to end their relationship, and many of them who have done it before will set aside a day or two to spend quality time as a couple. They see it as a way to share their adventures in a neutral environment, and it gives them an opportunity to reaffirm their commitment. Trading stories about their adventure is a way to include their spouse in what has happened to them, and they can draw closer as they reconnect verbally and physically.

Separate vacations for some couples are a routine matter, but those just starting out on their separate journeys could be at a loss on how to reconnect. They will often need more time alone as a couple after their separation, so they should plan to have more time at the end of their vacation to settle back into being a couple.

Talking about it after is a good idea, but they must also spend time before they go on their own journeys what the ground rules will be for each of them. Defining their separation before is the best way for each of them to know where they stand, and it will help them keep their relationship together during the following years.

Choosing to take separate vacations can be a large leap of faith in a partner, and there are those who will be unable to take it. For some of them it might be a matter of timing, but others will not be able to find the trust they need to believe their partner will return. If both of them agree that separate vacations might work better for them, doing it in small steps over the years might be the best way to handle the situation. Each of them can redefine the rules as they become more comfortable with their situation.